About DivineERP

DivineERP from Divine is a suite of .NET and XML based eCommerce solutions that transforms J.D. Edwards application into a real-time Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Electronic Storefront solution over the web and wireless devices. DivineERP is easily and rapidly configurable enabling you to extended web and wireless functionality quickly without making any changes to your existing J.D. Edwards application code.
  • Zero-Client B2B and B2C Solution

    The web interface for DivineERP is completely designed using .NET Framework, so any .Net enabled web server is supported. The web server can run on Windows platform. DivineERP is a zero client solution with centralized application maintenance. There is no client side software required. A web browser is all that is required to access the functionality.
  • E-Catalog - an electronic storefront

    E-Catalog within DivineERP offers a unique web storefront experience for users. You can publish and deploy your catalog to all or a subset of your customers/users for their business transactions over the web. The ecatalog provides real time price and availability information from J.D. Edwards and provides ability to create a real time sales order in J.D. Edwards.
  • Real-time Credit Card Integration

    DivineERP has a real time integration component with payment gateways like VeriSign, Moneries, etc. for accepting Credit Card orders.
  • Real-time Integration of ERP and CRM applications using DivineERP XML interface

    DivineERP can be the single-point front-end to your ERP, CRM and back-end systems that support XML. DivineERP can provide a Real-Time integration between these systems.
  • Refer and Reorder using My List

    The user can create a list of products for future reference or to reorder.
  • Single User Interface for the desired content

    Managing your static content with your e-commerce site is made easy by DivineERP. Any static and/or e-commerce content can be accessed via a single portal using DivineERP.
  • E-mail Notification

    When a new order is created and when an order is shipped, the user receives an instant E-mail notification
  • Increase the visibility of your Up-Selling Items

    Up-Selling and fast-moving items can be specified for each group and can be displayed at the time of check-out.
Robust Multi-Layered Security

We share your concern for security with your data on the web and wireless devices. DivineERP has 3 layers of security over and above the J.D. Edwards security.

Easy Administration & Customization

DivineERP is a highly customizable and easily manageable solution. It comes with built-in, easy-to-use administrative tools to enable you to customize and manage your web and wireless presence the way you desire.

Software Design

The software design implements open architecture. DivineERP does not require any changes to the J.D. Edwards business logic. The web client (Browsers, PDA) sends a request via the web or wireless to the DivineERP application residing on the Web / Application server. The web server processes that request by connecting to the back end J.D. Edwards system by sending XML documents to the XML adapters enabled on the J.D. Edwards application.

Once a connection to the J.D. Edwards application is established, it invokes the DivineERP server program (listener). The server program executes the request and returns the data back to the web server via XML. The web server then sends the response back to the web client or browser.


One pseudo J.D. Edwards user per web-enabled function will execute the request sent in by the users over the web.Once requests are received, they are validated based on the user profiles and authorization. Then, the DivineERP server-program is executed and the requests are processed.

Enabling Disparate Applications

DivineERP supports web enabling disparate applications on multiple machines using a single copy of the DivineERP software and one portal for customers and vendors of the disparate applications.

Maintenance & Support

To ensure your satisfaction, Divine has instituted an ongoing Customer Support program. Divine offers comprehensive help desk support and technical self-service via the Web. The program helps ensure that DivineERP continues to meet your business needs. DivineERP Customer Support Representatives, who are DivineERP experts, will promptly address all questions or concerns that come from participating clients who subscribe to DivineERP maintenance program. By subscribing to the Divine maintenance agreement, a client is entitled to unlimited Call Center and E-mail support. Subscribers also receive ongoing software releases and upgrades.

“DivineERP is a real-time XML integration for customer pricing, availability and order creation. DivineERP eliminated manual order entry resulting in significant efficiencies. With DivineERP, Customer Service’s primary focus is now on serving customers not order entry. DivineERP is a robust, intuitive, commerce solution to interface with JD Edwards. We are developing our solution to meet our customers eBusiness needs. DivineERP will allow you to take y our eBusiness offerings to the next level of business.”

The Challenge Telephone & Fax order had to be manually entered into JDE ERP
Manual entry caused errors & delays
Competitors offers 24X7 B2B Web Order Entry
Customer Service personnel fielding “tons” of order status calls
The Solution Divine’s DivineERP Storefront eCommerce solution with JDE ERP integration adapters to JDE Address Book, Item Masters, Credit and Sales Order Programs
PC based solution (Dual Processor, Windows OS, SQL Server) providing performance & scalability with XML based integration.
The Benefits Complete JDE ERP integrated eCommerce Storefront that will be utilized by many of your existing dealers/customers and also helps you to capture new dealers that demands an Internet order channel.
With Customer Self-Service Order Status Customer Service calls will be reduced significantly.
eCommerce orders reduces manual entry & errors providing Customers with lower transaction costs and higher transaction integrity
Easy to customize DivineERP for Customer industry & utilize DivineERP as a competitive advantage
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